About Us

Safe'N'Sound Youth Project (S'N'S) is a Charity Organisation registered on 18th December 2004.

S'N'S is a long established and well respected Voluntary Organisation based in the heart of Peckham.
S'N'S is a specialist project designed to address the needs of young people.
It provides practical, emotional and psychological support for young people and parents covering a wide range of issues.

A key part of our work involves working directly with perpetrators of crime.
Our aim is to reduce the high levels of gang, knife and gun crime among young people.
Each day we witness our community as they struggle to cope with violent crimes with even more young people taking each other's life.

The need for alternative approaches to tackle the problems we face as a community is essential for the re-direction of our young people and the safeguarding of the youths of our future generations.

Jennifer Blake was inspired to set up Safe'N'Sound (S'N'S) (formally known as Eternal Life Support Centre) in 2004.
She became increasingly concerned and recognised the increasing challenges, social issues, high levels of exclusion and criminal activity among young people.
As an Ex gang leader she is well placed to understand the needs of young people. She has an inspired insight of the types of services that are needed to enable change to take place.

She is highly gifted and has an instinctive sense of the changes that are needed to enable young people to take their rightful place as valued members of society.
She is renowned for being able to identify achievable goals that help young people caught up in criminal activities.
She has an uncanny knack for being able to identify their qualities, strengths and weaknesses.
Using a range of tried and tested methods she uses the skills they bring to the table to motivate them to strive for change and to take responsibility for their own actions.

As far as 'actions' on the part of Jennifer and her staff, these are some of the awards on display at number 175 in the conference room. Quite an impressive collection they are too!

We have been providing frontline services since 2005 to the following:


Metropolitan Police (who come up against young people that are uncooperative),
Social services,
Local councils.
We also offer support to young people who are homeless, facing legal proceedings or immigration related issues.

The office doesn't always look this empty, I am assured it is often a hive of activity, I just happened to be there when it was (relatively) calm!

Our team of 18 staff and 7 Board members consist of qualified social workers, accredited BCAP counselors, mentors, Barrister, Solicitor, Doctor, Psychologist Support Workers, Case Managers and reformed ex-gang members/leaders and young people.

All our staffs are CRB checked.

Staff are trained in the following:
Onset, Signposting, Counseling, Advocacy, legal advice and high risk mediation (Level 3).

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